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The Ancient Realm

Q & A

The Ancient Realm

Here are some questions people have asked me about The Ancient Realm. Feel free to contact me to ask any additional questions about the series. Mind you, I will only answer questions that don't give away too much about future plot lines.

Q: What is the name of Agnes's Mom?

A: Agnes's Mom is named Belles. She passed away about a year after Agnes was born.

Q: Where and what is the home of the Empress of Nature?

A: The Empress of Nature has an amazing palace in the whitest clouds in the sky. Very few Guardians have ever seen it.

Q: Will we see more of Torin in future books?

A: ABSOLUTELY! Agnes will continue to have run-ins with Torin throughout the series.

Q: How many Mountain Guardians are Queens?

A: Quite a few—we will meet a couple of them in the next installment of The Ancient Realm.

Q: Are there any female Forest Knights?

A: Throughout the history of the Ancient Realm, there has only ever been one female Forest Knight.